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My New Gaming PC

So before I jump into the post. WordPress broke on my website for whatever reason so I decided to start fresh :p SO HERE WE GO!

For the last few months I’ve been working on FINALLY building a new gaming PC. My poor old PC was nearing it’s end, and I knew with this new build I wanted it to be a little overboard in terms of upgrades since I didn’t want to upgrade it for a very long time. So here is my new gaming PC that for now is named Mercy (after an Overwatch hero).

I really loved the idea of having a lot of RBG in my build, overall I just love the look of it. I currently have the fans, led lights, and CPU cooler running on a setting that rotates the colors so it has this gorgeous rainbow look. To see the full stats of the build, please check out

I originally started building the new PC at the beginning of September but then Florida got hit by Hurricane Irma and I had to put it on the back burner. When I first built the PC it was not working, which was beyond frustrating. Turns out it was a motherboard that arrived to me DOA and once I got a new one I was able to build it. This was also my first time building a PC by myself and it was stressful, but turned out okay.

Besides being able to play every game I own and games that will probably be coming out for the next few years on ultra gaming settings, I’m also able to stream and record videos without issues. What I also love about this build is being able to change the colors to any color I want, or even being able to turn them off if they get too distracting lol.

Can see a video on my Instagram that has a video of the colors rotating. Overall I am very happy with my new PC build and I’m so glad I was able to do it. Next up building a smaller PC to be my streaming PC haha.

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