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My Gaming/Office Tour and Setup

Since I moved back in January 2017 I’ve been making my office my own over the last year. My gaming setup has definitely stepped up and I really love how it has come together. So here’s an office tour!

When you first step into my office, off to the left you see a bunch of paintings that I’ve done over the years as well as some World of Warcraft banners.

Closer look at the 3 tier shelf that I got from Michael’s. Has a bunch of pens, pencils, lipgloss/lipstick, extra cables, and more.

This is my DX racer chair in pink with a WoW blanket, Sailor Moon blanket, Hearthstone pillow, and Twitch pollow.

Here’s a look at my triple monitor setup with my Blue Yeti mic and other goodies.

Closer look at my keyboard (Razer blackwidow) and 2 mic (both Razer). I use the mouse on the left primary for Overwatch and everything else and I use the one on the right for MMOs like World of Warcraft.

Closer look at my keyboard, it rotates colors and I have some D. Va (from Overwatch) keycaps on it instead of the default keys.

My poor gorgeous PC currently sits on the floor because the colors were far too distracting when it was on the desk haha.

My Astro A40 pink headset sits on the left of my desk. I LOVE it.

To the right of my desk (since I have a L shaped desk) I have my xbox one, Nintendo Switch, headset holder with hats on it and other small things, and my D. Va prop gun.

On top of my xbox one I have some Overwatch figurines and other accessories. Obviously when I play xbox I move these things off 😛

Closer look at my Nintendo Switch! I keep all of my games in here as well as the system itself.

Above my desk I have this amazing wall tapestry from Tangled. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

Behind my desk is my green screen that I use for streaming as well as my box light that I also use.

Behind the green screen is a dresser that has my funko pops, a few plushies, and some other things sitting on it.

To the right of the dresser is a book shelf (yes the top is on backwards). This contains plushies, books, some of my movies, and works as storage for extra items that I have.

At the bottom of my bookshelf is my old PC and a spare green screen. I plan on eventually using my old PC as a streaming only pc (so I can have dual pcs when I stream) but not setting that up until later in 2018.

So that’s my office! I love my office and I love my setup. I spend a lot of time here whether I’m gaming, working, editing videos, or streaming and I love being in this space. If you have any questions about anything in my office please don’t hesitate to either contact me or leave a comment asking. Can also see a video tour of my office (although it’s a few months old now) on my YouTube channel.



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