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Blogathon Day 4: Top 5 movies and why?

These are in no particular order and really are just a few movies in a long list of movies that I could watch over and over.

1. Underworld

I remember seeing this movie in theaters and falling in love with it. I loved the movie so much in high school that I went an ENTIRE week where I watched this movie every day. I just love the cast (especially Kate Beckinsale) and I’m a sucker for vampire movies. I was also (and still am) obsessed with the soundtrack. I wasn’t a huge fan of the sequels though.

2. Big Fish

I don’t remember how or when I saw this movie but Big Fish is another movie that I watch at least several times a year. Another movie with an amazing cast, but I really just love the whimsy-ness of the movie and the overall story.

3. Beauty and the Beast

Although I love the remake I love the original even more. One of my favorite Disney movies as a child and still one of my favorites as an adult. I love the soundtrack, I love the characters, and most of all I love Belle. As a kid I loved that she was seen as peculiar but was fine with being herself and I loved that she was into reading. As an adult I appreciate the old art style of Disney and this will always be one of my favorite films by them.

4. Iron Man

Iron Man is hands down one of my favorite super heroes (although there are a bunch more I love too!) and the Iron Man movies are something that I love to rewatch every year (even though I wasn’t a huge fan of the last film). I always love a good origin story and Iron Man is no exception to that. Another movie with an amazing cast, but I love the characters themselves as well. I personally love guys that have intelligence and of course Tony Stark possesses that. But I also love his assistant Pepper and their relationship. Overall one of my favorite movies from Marvel.

5. Jurassic Park

Finally the last movie is Jurassic Park, this is one of those few movies where I also enjoy watching the sequels (some more than others). Another movie with a great cast, but the effects in this movie and the dinosaurs are just amazing. I remember seeing it as a child in theaters with my sister and my dad and my breath being taken away when they first showed the dinosaurs on screen. This movie has aged very well, and it’s definitely a movie I watch several times a year.

Once again this is just 5 movies in what would be a very long list of movies that I greatly enjoy. Let me know in the comments what are some of your favorite movies.

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