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Blogathon Day 6: Your favorite Apps (list 3-5, or just 1 that’s your #1 fav)

In today’s day in age it’s no secret that technology, especially phones, are part of our everyday lives. My phone is a device I use daily (although I probably shouldn’t …) and over the years of owning a smartphone (currently have an iPhone 7) I’ve downloaded and fallen in love with dozens and dozens of apps, but for this post I’m going to just list my top 3. For this I didn’t want to include the typical apps like Twitter, Discord, Facebook, etc. but some that people maybe haven’t heard of but are ones that I use often. So here we go, in no particular order! Also note, this is not sponsored this is all my own personal opinion.

1. AfterShip


I found out about AfterShip through a planner Facebook group and it’s such a wonderful app if you order a lot of things online like I do. I use this app anytime after I’ve ordered something online. It allows me to track all packages all from various carriers in one convenient location. It’ll also send you alerts when a package has been delivered which comes in handy if you forget.

2. TV Time

I don’t remember how I found out about TV Time, but as someone that tends to watch a bunch of different shows (sometimes at the same time) it has come in handy. The app allows you to track any upcoming shows that you’re currently watching that are still airing as well as keep track of shows you’re binge watching on places like Netflix. First screenshot shows what the “upcoming” view looks like and the screenshot on the right shows a recent show I decided to rewatch (Monk) and how the tracking for that looks like. You can track each season and just check it off whenever you finish an episode. If I ever go back to a show after having not watched it in over a year this app helps so much with figuring out where I left off (especially if a show goes from being on Netflix to being on another app like Hulu so I no longer have my progress saved there).

3. Ebates

I mentioned Ebates before in my “How I Made $135 Through Ebates” post, but the app has been a vital part in making money buy shopping online. As you can see in the app (bottom right of the screenshot) I’ve already made almost $30 using this website. Sometimes I shop from Amazon, Ebay, and other online retail stores straight from my phone. Being able to use the app while shopping online means that I can still earn money while doing something I do anyways, buy items online. After buying stuff I can also put it in the AfterShip app once they’ve shipped!

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