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3 Dinner Guests

Blogathon Day 13: You’re having a dinner party and you can invite 3-5 celebrities (dead or alive) to join you, who do you invite? (don’t ask how the dead can eat lol)

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar

I don’t think this comes as a shock to anyone that knows me, but I’d have Sarah Michelle Gellar! I’ve loved her since her Buffy days, and she just seems so lovely (would also be neat if her husband was there too!). They’re serious relationship goals, and they’re both foodies! So I feel like they’d be perfect dinner guests.

2. Kate Becksinsale

Another celebrity I admire, I first saw her in the movie Underworld and have loved her ever since. She’s another amazing actress and she’s very intelligent, but also has a silly side (she’s known for playing pranks on set!) so I feel like she’d be a fun guest.

3. Colbie Caillat

I’ve loved her music since her hit song Bubbly was topping the charts back in the early 2000’s. She still creates beautifully written music that either puts me in a good mood or causes me too many feels haha. I’d love to have her as a dinner party guest just to get a chance to sit and chat with her about her music.

Of course there are plenty of other celebrities that I’d love to have a dinner party with, but these 3 are definitely at the top of the list! Who would you love to have dinner with?

For the entire month of January I’m participating in a Blogathon. All posts associated with it can be found under the Blogathon category.

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