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5 Things I Couldn’t Live Without

Blogathon Day 14: 5 things you couldn’t live without (not including living things).

Obviously these are things that I could live without if I needed to, but here are some of things that I just love and would prefer to not live without.

1. My computer

I feel like both my desktop computer and laptop can both fit into this category, but just a computer in general is not something I’d want to live without. I use my computer for everything. Gaming, editing videos, streaming, etc etc.

2. My phone

Having a smart phone now-a-days is just a huge convenience. I can use it as a map, to make a call (do people call people anymore anyways lol?), text, take photos, etc. I currently have an iPhone 7 with a pop socket on the back (seriously love this thing) and I just love it.

3. Nintendo Switch

Okay I could live without this if I needed to … but since I bought my Nintendo Switch last month I’ve just been so in love with it. I love that I can game on the go or I can plug it into my monitor or tv and game with others or just alone with the big screen.

4. Lipgloss

Finally something not tech related, but I just love lipgloss or lipstick. I love using a subtle nude color or a bright red, I feel like it really brings a look together.

5. Blankets

I love blankets. I have a lot and I’m usually always sitting at my desk with a blanket in my lap or curled up in bed watching tv with a blanket or two.

So those are just a few things that I couldn’t live without, what are some things you couldn’t live without?

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