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Next 5 Years Goals

Blogathon Day 15: What are some of your goals for the next 5 years (life, personal, professional whichever).

1. Vacation

I seriously haven’t been on a vacation in about 6+ years. Really hoping to go to Disney sometime this year, but going out of the country for a vacation would also be wonderful!

2. Move

I don’t care if it’s to another city, state, country, whatever but I’d love to move again (maybe even several times?) over the next 5 years. Buying a house would also be wonderful!

3. Career

I feel like all I’ve ever had are jobs. I currently have a job that I love, however, it’s coming to a close due to some things going on in the company and them having to cut back and get rid of a lot of people. I just want to know that I have job security in a job that I love and I’m passionate about.

4. Love

Finding love would be nice. Whether that’s with a significant other or just in myself.

5. Pet

I haven’t had a pet in a very long time, and I hope that in the next 5 years I’ll be able to either adopt a dog or a cat or both! I just miss having a pet in my life, but sadly where I currently live I can’t have a pet.

So my goals for the next 5 years are pretty simple, but I think they’re doable! What are some of your goals?

For the entire month of January I’m participating in a Blogathon. All posts associated with it can be found under the Blogathon category.

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