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Likes and Dislikes of My Desk

Blogathon Day 19: Share a photo of your desk/work area what do you like/dislike about it.

I’ve already shared my desk/work area in My Gaming/Office Tour and Setup post, but this is the perfect time to share what I like and don’t like about it!

In terms of likes, I love having an L shaped desk. It allows for so much more space for things that I want to keep on my desk and it’s so easy to organize. Since I also have 3 monitors it makes it easier to keep everything actually on my desk without feeling crammed.

Now in terms of dislikes I wish my desk was actually just a tad bit bigger or even just had a left side to it (so more like a U or a C instead of a L). I also wish it was a bit sturdier, it’s not made out of the most durable material but it gets the job done and so far has functioned well for me for almost a year.

What do you like or dislike about your desk area?

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