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Friday Favorites

Blogathon Day 26: Friday Favorites, tell us about some of your favorite things.

Here are just some of my favorite things this month.

1. Video Game

Overwatch, of course. But I also recently started to play (finally) Skyrim and I’m really enjoying it!

2. Food

Made manicotti for the first time this week and it was AMAZING, it’ll be on my list of things to make again! Was so easy and delicious, even tasted amazing heated up the next day.

3. TV Show

Going to pick 2, one that is new and currently airing and one that I’m rewatching. So for the new one it’s 9-1-1, it’s a show basically about first responders from 9-1-1 operators to fire firefighters etc. Show only has 4 episodes so far, but it’s really good. A show I started rewatching is Monk, I watched the show about season 4 or 5 when it originally aired but I never saw the entire thing (or even the ending, I think I moved away for school around that time). I’m currently in the last season, season 8!

I couldn’t come up with more than 3 things because I suck, but maybe I can do these monthly and include other things in the list as well.

For the entire month of January I’m participating in a Blogathon. All posts associated with it can be found under the Blogathon category.

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