My Brand New Car!

I promise I still plan to blog after the January Blogathon, I just need a little break! My year started a little rough, but last week something amazing happened … I GOT A NEW CAR!

I had my old 2002 Toyota Camry for about 6 or so years (it was previously owned by my mother, she got a new car and gave me her old) and even then I was the 3rd person to own it. The car served me well, but as you can see in the photo the paint was coming off (it didn’t do well in the Ohio winters!) and besides that it had other issues: windshield wipers recently broke, driver’s side window would stick, and the driver’s side seat wouldn’t move (would cost over 1k just to fix the seat … and the car wasn’t worth that much). I had the Camry during my last few years of college and it went on my journey of driving from Florida to Ohio when I moved and back again when I moved back. The car served me well, but I’m glad I was able to get a new one.

My new car is a 2018 Kia Sportage in red. I almost got another blue car but my mother mentioned the red and I fell in love with the photos, so glad I decided to get red! It’s different going from driving cars to a SUV but I love it and don’t plan on driving anything else. I hadn’t planned on getting a new vehicle this year, but the timing was perfect and I couldn’t pass up the deal I was offered. I LOVE my new car!

Has a very spacious backset and trunk which means it’ll perfect to drive on roadtips! Since the car was driven from another state it already has almost 400 miles on it, but considering my last car was up to 155k miles it’s totally fine with me 😛

I love my new car and I can’t wait to see what adventures we’ll get into this year and the years to come.

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