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I am a total sucker for a sale, especially when it comes to products I either know I’ll love or ones I really want to try. I’ve been buying makeup from ColourPop for only a few months, but they’ve come highly recommended and for good reasons. Their products are 100% cruelty free and so far everything I have bought has been very high quality and I’ve loved. Recently ColourPop had a sale and I thought I’d share what goodies I bought! Side note, this post is NOT sponsored but if you do decide to buy something from ColourPop please consider using my referral link not only do I get $5 of my next order but you get $5 off your first order! Alright, let’s jump into what I ordered!

First up is the eyeshadow palette that I ordered called Vacation Mode. I have another ColourPop eyeshadow palette so I wanted to try out one that had some different shades in it than I’d normally use.

This palette has really gorgeous shades of purple! I don’t wear purple eyeshadow too often, but really wanted to play around with the colors in it. I also ordered a pressed pigment shade called Slim Fit. For the pressed eyeshadows they’re magnetic on the back and I have a empty palette from ColourPop that I store those shades in it, it’s a fun and neat way to make your own palette.

I have never used highlighter before, but I have been wanting to use it FOREVER! So since they had one on sale, I decided to get it.

Such a gorgeous and pigmented shade, I did a tester of it and loved how it looked! This one is called Taffy.

I love lipsticks and lipgloss. So since they had a bunch on sale I had to get some, but limiting myself to 3 was so so hard. From top to bottom I got: Hi Suppose, Ponyland, and Mystic. I did some testers of each and overall happy with the colors. The satin lip shades go on so smoothly, I just love it! I probably won’t wear the darker shade (Mystic) until a bit later in the year (although I’m sure I’ll rock it much sooner too) since it does seem to go on a lot darker than it looks in the tube.

Last but certainly not least, is a My Little Pony Brush Set. Since I bought one of the lip glosses already and I already owned an eyeshadow palette I thought it was fitting to get the brushes to go with everything else … and they were on sale so why not?!

Not only are the brushes a beautiful color, but they are so so soft. I am excited to use these brushes for a long time!

Overall I was very happy with my purchase at ColourPop and I can’t wait until they have more sales haha. They also ship from California and even though I live all the way in Florida, I find I get my items pretty quickly. Maybe in another month or so I’ll do a post on my favorite ColourPop items.


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