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September Ipsy Glam Bag

I haven’t bought an Ipsy Glam Bag in over a year now, but recently I decided to try it out again and see if the bags are any better than they were previously. Spoiler: THEY ARE! Please also note this is not a sponsored post, however, it does contain a referral link. So let’s get into the contents of the bag shall we?

I was overall pretty impressed with the variety that came in my bag, especially since the main reason I stopped my subscription is that I kept receiving the same things (sometimes even in the same bag) and received a lot of items I’d never use. But this bag? I’m using it all! So let’s get into it.

Manna Kadar Beauty Eyeshadow Duo in Nemesis and Medusa
I haven’t had a chance to test this eyeshadow out yet (forgot to wear it yesterday when I did my makeup), but I did a swatch on my hand and was pretty impressed. I tend to wear a lot of browns and golds and these 2 shades are perfect for me. With the swatch that I did I found the colors were pretty pigmented considering I tested it without an primer. This will definitely be an eyeshadow combo I’ll use!

trèStiQue Mini Lip Glaze in Mumbai Magenta
This is more of a lip tint or something to pair with a lipgloss. I personally wasn’t a huge fan of it just by itself, found my lips felt kinda dry with just the lip glaze itself. Beyond that it was easy to put on and will be something I’ll wear every once in a while if paired with a clear or similar shade of lip gloss. The color itself isn’t terrible either, it’s close in shade to the colors I normally wear. Wasn’t too bright either, which is nice if you just want a little bit of color.

Skone Cosmetics Insanely Intense Mini Tattooed Eyeliner in Jet Black
I was really impressed with this eyeliner. I LOVE liquid eyeliner especially when they come with a felt tip. The eyeliner went on smoothly enough, although I found it’s harder to get a thinner line since the base of the tip is fairly thick. This eyeliner will be perfect though for when I want to do a heavier/thicker cat eye!

Luxie Beauty Harley Quinn Detail Flat Definer 110
I haven’t fully used this yet to apply anything, however, just based off looks alone I love this brush! It’s a cute Harley Quinn-esque brush and it’s very very soft. Not sure it’s a brush I’ll use too much, since it’s so cute and I don’t want to ruin it but I was impressed with how soft the bristles are.

Global Beauty Care Charcoal Wash Off Mask
I love this thing. It came with enough in it that I can easily get 2-3 uses out of it. Since it’s a wash off mask I decided to put it on before taking a shower and just washing it off in the shower, I found it was far less messy that way. It was easy to apply and easy to take off. I found my skin felt pretty soft after removing it. This was probably my favorite item in my bag!

So that’s my Ipsy Glam Bag for this month! I originally was only going to try one month and cancel again, but decided to keep my sub another month to see what’s in the October bag. If you got a September Glam Bag let me know what you got!




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