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Overwatch Target Haul

Target has some new Overwatch goodies and naturally I had to buy them. Not sponsored, obviously. So here’s my haul! Each item was $19 USD.

Overwatch candle. I was sad it didn’t smell like the salt that would be so reminiscent of the community itself. It does not smell good though, it looks neat but has no real scent. I don’t plan on actually using it though, so I’m okay with it.

D. Va. I love D. Va and I had to pick up D. Va pillow and storage box. It’s PERFECT for storing things in my office.My one complaint about the D. Va pillow is that it has 2 holes in it from the tag.

Can see the holes a little better in this photo.

Lastly I got the Snowball pillow which of course is in reference to the hero Mei. This one didn’t comer with a storage box, but the pillow itself was too cute to pass up! It’s also about twice the size of the D. Va one since it didn’t come with a storage container. This was probably my favorite out of the bunch.

Overall I was happy with my little haul and I may pick up some of the other Overwatch items that Target has!

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    September 28, 2018 at 8:00 pm

    Everyone keeps talking about Overwatch and I feel like maybe I should try it out now. It looks like fun!
    Great haul! I love that feeling of buying merchandise related to something I’m really into. 😀
    Great blog btw! 🙂

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