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November Ipsy Glam Bag

I suck at blogging and have been working on other posts, but they’re not ready yet … so here’s another Ipsy Glam Bag post! As per usual, I’ll be giving first impressions on each item, and this month I even purchased an extra item for $3. So here we go.

L. O. C. K. Color Pencil Liner & Ciaté London Mascara

Did these together purely because it was easier. The eyeliner I was surprised by, I thought it was just a plain brown eyeliner but it has a goldish tint to it that’s actually really nice. I will definitely use it, especially for my lower line! I used the mascara and it was okay, I didn’t find it to be anything special but I didn’t hate it either. Was easy to use and worked well enough.

Jelly Pong Pong 

Was kinda disappointed to get yet another shimmery loose pigment, but I do like this color. You can use this not only for eyes, but also as a highlighter or all over … but since it’s blue I probably won’t use it anywhere but my eyes 😛

Sugar Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks

Super tiny, but it does have a nice color. It goes on smoothly and stays on pretty well, but it’s just nothing special to me. I’ll use it, but I probably won’t purchase it.

Barefoot Venus Instant Hand Repair

I was surprised by this, honestly. It SMELLS AMAZING! It’s Lemon Freckle and it legit smells like a pie or something. I don’t really use hand creams, but I think I will because of this. I may even have to buy it once I run out!

Overall I was disappointed in my bag this month. A lot of repeat or similar items from previous months, but there are a few that I’ll use (like the hand cream!). The bag everything came in as well is super super cute and something I’ll use too.

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