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So I’ve been seeing ads for on almost every site that I went to, so decided to give it a try since they had a deal where it was only $20 with free shipping for the first box. If you want to check them out, and get a box for $20 off your first box use my referral link because honestly, I was super impressed with EveryPlate and I even have another box coming this week! So here’s how my first delivery went.

So for my delivery area I can only get boxes on Fridays, which is fine for me. Box came like other meal boxes, packed with ice. When you open it up this is what you first see.

After opening up the box I separated all of the recipe cards and sorted all of the ingredients with their card. For my box I had the following recipes: steak frites, honey-glazed chicken, and corn cheddear bisque. I only have photos of the first meal I made, but I will also rate the other dishes as well. I would also like to note, the steak dish did cost $3 more per serving.

After sorting everything I put what I could is separate ziplock bags for the fridge. I find it’s just easier to keep everything all together.

So I decided to make the steak dish to start, because you can (usually) never go wrong with steak. Following the recipe card I cut the potatoes and added the seasoning. In the foil pouch is some garlic. After the oven pre-heated I put the tray in the oven and started on the steaks after about 10 minutes passed.

Seasoned both steaks and added oil to the pan, and started cooking the steaks.


Followed the instructions and flipped the steaks. By this time I checked on the potatoes and garlic, but they still needed a little bit more time.

I didn’t take photos of everything else, but here’s what my plate looked like. 

This meal was AMAZING! It did come with green beans which weren’t terrible (gave them to someone else who likes green beans and they said they were good haha), but I am not a green bean person so I didn’t eat them. The steak has a garlic butter sauce on it, which was good but the steak didn’t need it. I was really impressed with this meal and would order again, even though it costs more than the others.

Next up I made the corn cheddar bisque but didn’t take a final photo of it. The lettuce mix that it came with didn’t look too good so I didn’t either (I think I smooshed it on accident!). I am not a huge corn fan, but this meal was pretty good. Honestly though, the best part was the bread haha. I’d order this meal again though if there weren’t really any other meals in a week that interested me as much.

Final meal I had was the honey glazed chicken which came with mashed sweet potatoes and zucchini.  I don’t like zucchini so I didn’t eat it, but everything else was amazing! The mashed sweet potatoes were amazing and the chicken was so good, it didn’t even need the glaze.

Ratings of each meal:

  • Steak frites  ★★★★½
  • Corn cheddar bisque  ★★★☆☆
  • Honey-glazed chicken  ★★★★½

Overall I was really impressed with EveryPlate especially since I haven’t heard too much about them previously. They had a nice variety of meals to pick from each week and the meals themselves were overall really good. The packaging was great and everything that came in the box was very fresh and of good quality. I won’t use this service every week, but I will definitely be ordering it again (even after the second box I ordered!). My only complaint about any meal delivery service is that no one seems to have the ability to swap out ingredients or side dishes, that would be a dream service to me!



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