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So something I’ve been looking into is a way to organize my makeup and make it easier for me to access it when getting ready. I’ve been wanting to get a small desk to use for my planner and as a vanity, but instead just decided to use my current desk. Thankfully I have a L shaped desk, and now the right side acts as a vanity! I originally was going to get some drawer organizers from Ikea but decided to save some money and got a 10 drawer organizer from Michael’s instead and I LOVE IT. So here’s a look into my makeup organization!

So first up, here’s what the entire thing looks like. Ignore the spare green screen cloth and tripod. It took me about 10 minutes to build the entire thing.

On top we have a makeup palette organizer, lip stick and gloss organizer, mirror, and some extra things (primer, lotion, spray bottle of water, etc). I got both the lipstick and palette organizers on Amazon.

Here’s a closer look at the top! I love having my makeup palettes not only on display, but it also just makes it so much easier to access everything.

The first drawer has my James Charles palette (doesn’t fit on top), an E.L.F. palette, eyebrow palette, and a sharpener for a brow pencil.

Second drawers has the main items that I use! So first, the drawer organizers I bought for this I got at the Dollar Store. The smaller ones came in a pack of 3 for $1 and the larger ones came in a pack of 2 for $1, well worth it! In this drawer I keep the main makeup I access often. The bigger organizer at the back has mascara, eyebrow pencils, and brushes. As for the smaller ones, the one at the very top has primers, translucent powder, makeup sponge, concealer, and eyelash curler while the other one has contour palette, contour colors, blush, and different highlights.

The 3rd drawer has a lot of Colourpop single eyehashadows and my collection of fake eyelashes, glue, and tools I use to put them on (I don’t wear fake eyelashes often, but Ulta had a nice deal on them recently so I stocked up!).

Now the rest of the drawers aren’t as exciting so no photos of that. After the drawer above I have a drawer for makeup bags I’ve gotten from Ipsy and then after that it’s just printer paper, extra cables, and other things for my office.

I’ve used this setup for almost a month now and I LOVE it. Since the right side of my desk faces a window, I can open up the lights and use natural light to do my makeup. Since I’m at my PC, I can turn on my monitor speakers and watch something on my 3rd monitor while I get ready. I do eventually plan on upgrading this setup, but for now I am very, very happy with it.


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