March Ipsy Bag & Cancelling Ipsy

Before we jump into what I got in my bag, I wanted to start this post off by saying I’ve officially cancelled my Ipsy subscription. As much as I love getting to try new products and brands every month, every single bag of goodies that came to my doorstep felt the same. I pretty much am always getting the same products and was getting tired of the repetitiveness of what Ipsy was sending me. I might eventually renew my sub, but for now it’s cancelled. BUT here’s the last bag I got anyways!

So first I really love this bag. It doesn’t photograph too well because of how it reflects light but I love the message on it “and off she went to change the world”. So let’s get into what’s actually in the bag.

Ofra Cosmetics Star Island Highlighter

I am really impressed with this product! Not only is it full sized, but it has a really nice color. I only recently have gotten into using highlights and I really like this. It has a nice pigment and shows up really well on my skin. It’s my favorite item in my Ipsy bag this month!

Skyn Iceland Berry Lip Fix

According to Ipsy “this brand’s products are made to heal, relieve, and replenish stressed-out skin”. It has a very pleasant berry smell and feels really cooling on your lips. I actually really like this product and will definitely be using it. The consistency is much thicker than I expected, so it can sometimes take a little bit for it to actually come out of the tube but it does it feels so nice on your lips!

SLMissGlam SS62 Short Shader Brush

I actually really like getting brushes in my bags since I’ve been playing around with them more. This one has a really cute design and the brush itself is really soft. It won’t really be my go-to brush when I do my makeup, but I will use it occasionally.

Ciaté London Mini Lip Lustre in Wildfire

I haven’t heard of this brand before, but I’m fairly happy with this product. It has a pleasant smell and goes on easily. It’s not a super bright red, but gives you a nice tint of color with some sparkle on your lips. I don’t hate it, but I don’t really love it either.

Space Case Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Messy Lochnessy

I received another Space Case Cosmetics product a month or so ago in my Ipsy bag (blush) that I actually use anytime I do my makeup, I really like this brand. This eyeshadow has a nice color payoff and is very pigmented even without a primer. Not sure how much I’ll rock a green eyelook, but if I do I will totally use this shade.

Since I knew I was going to be cancelling my Ipsy bag for next month, I decided to try some add-on items this month. I ended up getting 2 products for $3 each.

Morphe Mini Bronzer in Debutante

I recently got into using bronzer and wanted to try other brands. Don’t let this photo fool you, this color is DARK. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. If I do use it I’ll have to use a very light hand with the product so I don’t use too much.

Trissola Intense Hydrating Mask

I didn’t realize until this item arrived that it’s not a mask for your face but for your hair, woops lol. So with that said I haven’t used it yet, but it SMELLS amazing. My hair isn’t really damaged or colored or anything, but I think it’ll give my hair a nice boost (I do currently use a hair mask by Suave to keep my hair extra shiny and healthy!)

So that’s my Ipsy bag this month. Again I cancelled due to getting similar products over and over again so who knows, maybe I’ll be back.




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