BoxCharm October 2019 Unboxing

So I am back … again. Hello 😛 Anyways, let’s just jump into it, shall we? I recently decided to check out BoxyCharm since I’ve heard so many good things about it. September was my first box, but there was an issue and I didn’t get it until the first week of October … so decided to not share that one on the blog. BUT we are unboxing the October 2019 box and giving my first impressions of everything! So let’s get into it.

Touch in Sol | Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm | $32

This stuff smells AMAZING. My skin did look a little more … shiny? Glowy? Something, but the smell alone is worth putting this on. It smells fantastic. It’s basically an ultra-hydrating priming skin balm. I’ve only put it on once or twice now at this point, so I don’t know how hydrated my skin feels with it, but my skin does smell amazing. So it’s worth it for that alone.

Iconic London | Lip Plumping Balm | $26

I don’t normally use lip plumping things on my lips since they usually feel awful and I can never tell if it works, but this actually doesn’t feel bad. It doesn’t burn or hurt at all, it’s an okay color (although I’ll probably put a different color overtop or underneath it) and it really just had this minty sensation almost on my lips? I could tell it was doing something, although I couldn’t really see it but I could feel it. It’s definitely something I’ll use but probably won’t buy myself.

Illuminati | Cosmetic Sponge | $21

This was such a weird thing to take photos of … but a makeup sponge! I’ve actually been needing to get a new sponge so this came at the perfect time. I primarily use a makeup sponge for applying my foundation and concealer … which really, probably most people do. It feels nice in my hands and I think it’ll work well, but it doesn’t have anything special that would really make me buy it again. I do love the darker color though, will make it easier to get it nice and clean.

Dose of Colors | Eyeshadow Palette | $32

I don’t need more eyeshadow palettes … but these colors are so pretty I’m glad I got one. I swatched it on my arm (no photos of this) and was pretty impressed with the pigment. I love the simple colors in this and it’ll come in handy when I house/pet sit for people and want to just bring a small palette with me. The shades are very pigmented and go well together or even with another palette. This might be my favorite thing in my box. You can also see my new iPhone 11 and my ceiling fan in the photo lol.

Elemis | Superfood  Vital Veggie Mask $35

I like using face masks every once in a while and I’ve never used a veggie-based one. I was worried this would smell awful, but it actually smells pretty nice! This mask is supposed to smooth, nourish, and brighten for softer, smoother, and more radiant skin. I haven’t had a chance to try it, but I do love that it’s vegan and cruelty-free and it doesn’t smell bad.

Overall I’m pretty happy with my second BoxyCharm box and will be keeping my sub at least for a few more months. I feel like with BoxyCharm I’m getting more bang for my buck then I have with other similar beauty boxes and I like that they also include the price of everything.

Total Cost of box: $21

Value of items: $146



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