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Where I’ve been. Again. lol.

Sooo … it’s been a while hasn’t it? Haha. 2020 has been a year. To say the least, but 2021 is starting off with some huge news as well.

My goal is to start posting here at least once a month, if not more. But before we go into that I have some news! I announced it on Twitter and other socials already, but I have a new job. I am starting in about 2ish weeks and I am so so excited.

But that’s not the only news! Myself, my boyfriend, and our dog will all be moving to California. I have never been on the West Coast and eventually I’ll be living there, which is wild.

We are all very excited for the move, even though it won’t be happening for a while 🙂 So yeah … maybe I’ll be a better blogger haha.

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