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Where I’ve been. Again. lol.

Sooo … it’s been a while hasn’t it? Haha. 2020 has been a year. To say the least, but 2021 is starting off with some huge news as well.

My goal is to start posting here at least once a month, if not more. But before we go into that I have some news! I announced it on Twitter and other socials already, but I have a new job. I am starting in about 2ish weeks and I am so so excited.

But that’s not the only news! Myself, my boyfriend, and our dog will all be moving to California. I have never been on the West Coast and eventually I’ll be living there, which is wild.

We are all very excited for the move, even though it won’t be happening for a while 🙂 So yeah … maybe I’ll be a better blogger haha.

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Beauty Reviews

BoxyCharm Premium March 2020 Box

Yes … I am still getting BoxyCharm boxes! I just haven’t shared one in a while 😛 For March I decided to just share the premium box which has items from Fenty, a brand that I have always wanted to try. So let’s take a look inside.

Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette | $29

This is probably my favorite item hands down that came in the premium box this month. I LOVE this palette. I found some of the shimmers a little hard to work with, but once you get them built upon the eye I found the color pay off was good. This will be a palette that I will for sure use again.

Invisimatte Blotting Paper | $16

This is one of the items from the box that I won’t be using. I don’t find I ever had the need for blotting paper, but I do like the little mirror that comes with it so I may carry it for that reason and that reason alone.

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer | $19

This just smells SO good. I’ve been placing it over a matte lipstick for a little bit of shine and even wearing it alone. The smell kinda reminds of a sweetart or some sort of fruit candy smell. I will most likely buy this item again.

Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick | $25

I’ve been using this as a highlighter and to highlight my brow bone. It has a slight shimmer to it and it’s a little transparent. I like the subtle feeling that it can give to an eye look. Not something I’d buy after this runs out (if it does), but something I’ll use sometimes.

Mattemoisell Plush Matte Lipstick | $18

This is not really a color that I would normally wear, but I might pair it with another shade of lipstick or gloss. It’s a very dark red and it just does not look good on me, but I do like the quality of it and will purchase another lipstick but in a different color.

Killawatt Freestyle Highlight (Trophy) | $36

This highlighter is SO PIGMENTED! I am not sure it’s a color I can pull off, but it’s so so gorgeous. The photo does not do it justice. I might have to get another color that matches my skin tone a little better because one swipe of this was all I needed. I may personally use this gold one as an eyeshadow instead and maybe just a very small amount for highlighter.

It was different having only one brand in the premium box, but I do prefer the variety of different brands. Fenty has been a brand I have been wanting to try for a long time, so when I heard the premium box was featuring their products there were a few items I was hoping to get in the box, but sadly they weren’t there (I’ve been wanting to try their foundation!). Overall I don’t hate this box, but it definitely has some colors and some items I will never ever use.

The cost of the premium box is $35 a month and this box contained a total product value of $143, which is not bad at all! I found some new items that’ll be my go-to’s for a while (like the gloss and eyeshadow palette).


Hello I’m Back … again

So I’m back, again! Blogging is something I’ve been doing since I was 12. I’m 34 now. And I am not ready to stop!

I already owned this domain so I decided to transfer everything to this website and turn it into my blog (I used to use this domain for what is now), set up a new blog theme, and have been tweaking some pages here and there.

Ideally I want to post once a week, but I think to start I’m aiming for twice a month (although may have 2 posts this week). I hope everyone that followed my last blog, sticks around for this one too. The content won’t be changing. I want to share life updates, rants, gaming, reviews, beauty/makeup, and whatever else.

See you all soon 🙂

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BoxyCharm November 2019 Unboxing

I was so impressed with the last BoxyCharm that I decided to continue the subscriptions. Another month, and I am not disappointed. Let’s get into it!

Dominique Cosmetics | Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette | $35

So I plan on making a makeup look with this palette later tonight (which you will see if you follow me on Instagram) but I did a swatch on my arm and I was SO impressed with the vibrancy of the colors. I am very excited to lose this palette and I love the colors in it. Swatches are below. These swatches were done with 0 primer.

Kypris | Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum | $90

So this can be used as a lightweight hydrator or as a layering piece. I used this right when I got out of the shower and I liked the smell and the feel of it. After one use I can’t tell if it really did anything, but it’ll be something I’ll use.


Dose of Colors | Liquid Matte Lipstick | $18

This is a gorgeous liquid lipstick that went on easily and stayed on once it was applied. I’ll be wearing it in tonight’s look as well. I did find it looked a little darker on than it did in the bottle, but that didn’t bother me.

Tula Skincare | Star Power Nourishing & Brightening Cosmic Hydrogel Mask | $22

I am a huge fan of face masks and I love that I got 2. I plan on using one of these tonight! These are supposed to help prevent breakouts and brighten marks left by past acne. I have a few small breakouts right now, so here’s hoping this helps.

Boxycharm | 2-piece Brush Set | $35

These brushes are SO soft and I’ve never used a brush that has this brush shape. Again, using these tonight when I put on my makeup. First impression though, super soft and I’m excited to use it.

I guess my 3rd box was a charm because I think this box contained a lot more items that I will use frequently. Overall pretty happy with what I got and I can’t wait to use a lot of the items tonight.

Total Cost of box: $24.99

Value of items: $200




BoxCharm October 2019 Unboxing

So I am back … again. Hello 😛 Anyways, let’s just jump into it, shall we? I recently decided to check out BoxyCharm since I’ve heard so many good things about it. September was my first box, but there was an issue and I didn’t get it until the first week of October … so decided to not share that one on the blog. BUT we are unboxing the October 2019 box and giving my first impressions of everything! So let’s get into it.

Touch in Sol | Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm | $32

This stuff smells AMAZING. My skin did look a little more … shiny? Glowy? Something, but the smell alone is worth putting this on. It smells fantastic. It’s basically an ultra-hydrating priming skin balm. I’ve only put it on once or twice now at this point, so I don’t know how hydrated my skin feels with it, but my skin does smell amazing. So it’s worth it for that alone.

Iconic London | Lip Plumping Balm | $26

I don’t normally use lip plumping things on my lips since they usually feel awful and I can never tell if it works, but this actually doesn’t feel bad. It doesn’t burn or hurt at all, it’s an okay color (although I’ll probably put a different color overtop or underneath it) and it really just had this minty sensation almost on my lips? I could tell it was doing something, although I couldn’t really see it but I could feel it. It’s definitely something I’ll use but probably won’t buy myself.

Illuminati | Cosmetic Sponge | $21

This was such a weird thing to take photos of … but a makeup sponge! I’ve actually been needing to get a new sponge so this came at the perfect time. I primarily use a makeup sponge for applying my foundation and concealer … which really, probably most people do. It feels nice in my hands and I think it’ll work well, but it doesn’t have anything special that would really make me buy it again. I do love the darker color though, will make it easier to get it nice and clean.

Dose of Colors | Eyeshadow Palette | $32

I don’t need more eyeshadow palettes … but these colors are so pretty I’m glad I got one. I swatched it on my arm (no photos of this) and was pretty impressed with the pigment. I love the simple colors in this and it’ll come in handy when I house/pet sit for people and want to just bring a small palette with me. The shades are very pigmented and go well together or even with another palette. This might be my favorite thing in my box. You can also see my new iPhone 11 and my ceiling fan in the photo lol.

Elemis | Superfood  Vital Veggie Mask $35

I like using face masks every once in a while and I’ve never used a veggie-based one. I was worried this would smell awful, but it actually smells pretty nice! This mask is supposed to smooth, nourish, and brighten for softer, smoother, and more radiant skin. I haven’t had a chance to try it, but I do love that it’s vegan and cruelty-free and it doesn’t smell bad.

Overall I’m pretty happy with my second BoxyCharm box and will be keeping my sub at least for a few more months. I feel like with BoxyCharm I’m getting more bang for my buck then I have with other similar beauty boxes and I like that they also include the price of everything.

Total Cost of box: $21

Value of items: $146



Haul Organization Reviews

Erin Condren 2020 Life Planner (New Binder!)

Something I love to do is keeping a physical planner, as much as I love the idea of just keeping a digital one I find being able to actually write down and check stuff off in my planner to much more satisfying. I’ve been into maintaining a planner for about 4 years now, and my favorite planner is the Erin Condren (if you use my referral link you can get $10 off your first order!). In May they always release the new ones, and I thought I’d show off what I got! This year they released a new binder planner and since I had a nice code, I decided to get both the binder and regular Life Planner (I’ll use one as my main planner and the second for just online/social media stuff). If you want to see a full video of me unboxing these planners, you can see it on my YouTube channel PlanningVero, linked below.

Here’s what the inside of the standard Life Planner looks like. I always get mine in the neutral vertical.

This is what the new monthly page looks like. I really like how this looks and may actually use mine more.

Here is what the weekly pages looks like. I love that the dates listed above each day is smaller and that they no longer have the little corner flags on each page. I also love that the boxes are now connected and no longer separated! I am not a huge fan of the large date on the top left, the calendar on the bottom left, and the smaller boxes on the bottom though. I’ll probably end up covering it all with stickers anyways to be fair …

The inside of the binder life planner looks the exact same! What I do love about the binder though is that you can take the pages out, which makes it so much easier to plan your week out.

The new planners don’t start until July, so I have plenty of time to play around with them until then and see which one I’ll like! If you haven’t already, please subscribe to my PlanningVero channel. I upload a plan with me video every Monday and do bonus videos (sticker hauls, unboxing, etcs) on Wednesdays.

If you’ve already ordered your new planner, what did you get?!




Beauty Reviews

Jeffree Star Blue Blood Palette Unboxing & First Impressions

Jeffree Star’s new palette Blue Blood released at the end of last month and it was a palette I HAD to get my hands on. I also have the Alien Palette and I was really, really impressed with how smooth and pigmented the shades were. So I ordered it as soon as it dropped, so let’s start with an unboxing.

I opened the cute pink box to find this adorable Jeffree Star tissue paper.

Under the paper was this! I tried to not rip the sticker … I failed.

Removed the tissue to reveal this gorgeous box.

Opened that box to reveal the gorgeous palette! I was really impressed with the package for the palette itself.

And then the gorgeous palette itself. I LOVED the look of the colors at first glance.

Different angle for extra gorgeousness. What I really love about this palette (and other palettes in general) is that each one has a cute emblem or something in the shade.

I also attempted a swatch, but I personally feel like they don’t really show how the eyeshadows perform and look.

Since I was going out with family the day I got this palette, I really wanted to do a simple look. I decided to use Crystal Flesh and Entitled on my eyelids and blended them together in the center, then added a little bit of Ocean Ice (my fav shade!) and Blue Monday in the corner to make the color pop a little more. Overall I was really, really happy with how a lot of the shadows performed. Using blue eyeshadow colors can be a little scary at first, but this palette has a nice mix of other shades that both work well with the blue shades or well on their own.

My only real complaint about this palette is it’s such an odd shape so it’s hard to keep it stored with my other palettes, but the palette is so gorgeous it doesn’t bother me all that much. If anything, this palette makes me want to get the Blood Sugar palette next …



March Ipsy Bag & Cancelling Ipsy

Before we jump into what I got in my bag, I wanted to start this post off by saying I’ve officially cancelled my Ipsy subscription. As much as I love getting to try new products and brands every month, every single bag of goodies that came to my doorstep felt the same. I pretty much am always getting the same products and was getting tired of the repetitiveness of what Ipsy was sending me. I might eventually renew my sub, but for now it’s cancelled. BUT here’s the last bag I got anyways!

So first I really love this bag. It doesn’t photograph too well because of how it reflects light but I love the message on it “and off she went to change the world”. So let’s get into what’s actually in the bag.

Ofra Cosmetics Star Island Highlighter

I am really impressed with this product! Not only is it full sized, but it has a really nice color. I only recently have gotten into using highlights and I really like this. It has a nice pigment and shows up really well on my skin. It’s my favorite item in my Ipsy bag this month!

Skyn Iceland Berry Lip Fix

According to Ipsy “this brand’s products are made to heal, relieve, and replenish stressed-out skin”. It has a very pleasant berry smell and feels really cooling on your lips. I actually really like this product and will definitely be using it. The consistency is much thicker than I expected, so it can sometimes take a little bit for it to actually come out of the tube but it does it feels so nice on your lips!

SLMissGlam SS62 Short Shader Brush

I actually really like getting brushes in my bags since I’ve been playing around with them more. This one has a really cute design and the brush itself is really soft. It won’t really be my go-to brush when I do my makeup, but I will use it occasionally.

Ciaté London Mini Lip Lustre in Wildfire

I haven’t heard of this brand before, but I’m fairly happy with this product. It has a pleasant smell and goes on easily. It’s not a super bright red, but gives you a nice tint of color with some sparkle on your lips. I don’t hate it, but I don’t really love it either.

Space Case Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Messy Lochnessy

I received another Space Case Cosmetics product a month or so ago in my Ipsy bag (blush) that I actually use anytime I do my makeup, I really like this brand. This eyeshadow has a nice color payoff and is very pigmented even without a primer. Not sure how much I’ll rock a green eyelook, but if I do I will totally use this shade.

Since I knew I was going to be cancelling my Ipsy bag for next month, I decided to try some add-on items this month. I ended up getting 2 products for $3 each.

Morphe Mini Bronzer in Debutante

I recently got into using bronzer and wanted to try other brands. Don’t let this photo fool you, this color is DARK. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. If I do use it I’ll have to use a very light hand with the product so I don’t use too much.

Trissola Intense Hydrating Mask

I didn’t realize until this item arrived that it’s not a mask for your face but for your hair, woops lol. So with that said I haven’t used it yet, but it SMELLS amazing. My hair isn’t really damaged or colored or anything, but I think it’ll give my hair a nice boost (I do currently use a hair mask by Suave to keep my hair extra shiny and healthy!)

So that’s my Ipsy bag this month. Again I cancelled due to getting similar products over and over again so who knows, maybe I’ll be back.




Beauty Life Updates

Updates: Birthday, Ipsy, & More

Hello! So an update on stuff and things. First off, I turned 33 last month! January 17th was my birthday and I did a 12 hour stream Twitch which was a lot of fun. Followed by a little party with family and my boyfriend that weekend. I don’t feel 33, nor look it which I think is fine.

I didn’t post an Ipsy bag haul this month or last month, for a few reasons. Last month an item was missing so I was waiting on it, and by time I got the missing item I decided to just post it. This month I just simply didn’t post one, life got too busy! I actually went to cancel my membership for Ipsy this month and was sent a free bag, so next month may be last Ipsy bag for a while. I find I keep getting similar items over and over and it’s getting a little old.

Other things, with the new year I genuinely want to blog more. Ideally once a week, but at least 2-3 times a month. I have a bunch of post ideas and just need to iron them out, take pictures, and of course write. It’s weird to think that I’ve been blogging for 21 years! It makes me feel old, but also proud of myself for sticking to something for so long even though it’s been off an on.

So yeah … more stuff SOON!

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Beauty Organization

Low Cost Makeup Organization

So something I’ve been looking into is a way to organize my makeup and make it easier for me to access it when getting ready. I’ve been wanting to get a small desk to use for my planner and as a vanity, but instead just decided to use my current desk. Thankfully I have a L shaped desk, and now the right side acts as a vanity! I originally was going to get some drawer organizers from Ikea but decided to save some money and got a 10 drawer organizer from Michael’s instead and I LOVE IT. So here’s a look into my makeup organization!

So first up, here’s what the entire thing looks like. Ignore the spare green screen cloth and tripod. It took me about 10 minutes to build the entire thing.

On top we have a makeup palette organizer, lip stick and gloss organizer, mirror, and some extra things (primer, lotion, spray bottle of water, etc). I got both the lipstick and palette organizers on Amazon.

Here’s a closer look at the top! I love having my makeup palettes not only on display, but it also just makes it so much easier to access everything.

The first drawer has my James Charles palette (doesn’t fit on top), an E.L.F. palette, eyebrow palette, and a sharpener for a brow pencil.

Second drawers has the main items that I use! So first, the drawer organizers I bought for this I got at the Dollar Store. The smaller ones came in a pack of 3 for $1 and the larger ones came in a pack of 2 for $1, well worth it! In this drawer I keep the main makeup I access often. The bigger organizer at the back has mascara, eyebrow pencils, and brushes. As for the smaller ones, the one at the very top has primers, translucent powder, makeup sponge, concealer, and eyelash curler while the other one has contour palette, contour colors, blush, and different highlights.

The 3rd drawer has a lot of Colourpop single eyehashadows and my collection of fake eyelashes, glue, and tools I use to put them on (I don’t wear fake eyelashes often, but Ulta had a nice deal on them recently so I stocked up!).

Now the rest of the drawers aren’t as exciting so no photos of that. After the drawer above I have a drawer for makeup bags I’ve gotten from Ipsy and then after that it’s just printer paper, extra cables, and other things for my office.

I’ve used this setup for almost a month now and I LOVE it. Since the right side of my desk faces a window, I can open up the lights and use natural light to do my makeup. Since I’m at my PC, I can turn on my monitor speakers and watch something on my 3rd monitor while I get ready. I do eventually plan on upgrading this setup, but for now I am very, very happy with it.