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Gaming Haul

Overwatch Target Haul

Target has some new Overwatch goodies and naturally I had to buy them. Not sponsored, obviously. So here’s my haul! Each item was $19 USD. Overwatch candle. I was sad it didn’t smell like the salt that would be…

Blogathon Gaming

Living In Azeroth

Blogathon Day 29: If you could enter the world of any game, movie, tv show, etc. which one would you enter and why? What is one you wouldn’t want to live in? In a previous post I mentioned wanting…

Gaming Tech

Nintendo Switch and Accessories

I’ve been eyeing the Nintendo Switch since it released earlier this year and I finally was able to purchase one thanks to money and giftcards I got for Christmas. Tuesday morning I woke up at 7am and drove to…

Gaming Tech

My Gaming/Office Tour and Setup

Since I moved back in January 2017 I’ve been making my office my own over the last year. My gaming setup has definitely stepped up and I really love how it has come together. So here’s an office tour!…

Gaming Tech

My New Gaming PC

So before I jump into the post. WordPress broke on my website for whatever reason so I decided to start fresh :p SO HERE WE GO! For the last few months I’ve been working on FINALLY building a new…